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Intranets are plentiful and they often have a lot of features, as does ours. The key to our intranet is the ease of locating and finding information, as you are never more than three clicks away from anything.

Certain keys are held throughout the system, such as people, clients and projects. The system is fully scalable and the semantics are used throughout to create a net of information that is easily accessible to the users. Depending on your requirements we can create secure sections for your clients that can be skinned differently for different users and user groups. This can be useful if you are sharing aspects of your work with clients for example where you might want the site to have their branding.

Task orientated management

The key to success of any system is its ease of use, and the benefits to the users. Our intranet/office management system can be used in a variety of ways to suit how your company operates. Prescient's intranet works around people and tasks, they remain at the heart of the system. using the semantics, information added automatically feeds to the appropriate areas. The system is secure and can be hosted internally or externally.

Tasks are multi-facetted and can be used in several ways, they all have deliverables that are time bound: They can be part of a project, be created from meetings, or be a one off. They can be time tracked, and costed by using an individual’s day rate, allocated to a client and compiled to see client profitability. They can also be allocated to an individual, a team, or a department, have a status, and percentage of completion, and a delivery date.

As all the data types are filterable and are navigation points, you can move around the system very easily and quickly, and are never more than three clicks away form what you need.

Although this might give some idea of how it works, it will not substitute a demo, so please contact us to arrange for one.

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Public and private views

We can make any intranet or website section available to public or private viewing. This enables member’s areas that are not open on the public Internet, available to registered users, or only available to certain levels of security. In the intranet this can be useful if you want to open out certain areas to say a single client and not others. This is password secured, so clients can only see information that is valid to them, and not to other clients or internal communication. This is tied in with security with write permissions etc.

Multiple office support

For multiple offices in different time zones preferences can be set so projects can be handed over and there is continuity of information. Or you might want to share global client information, but keep local client information private to a single office. All this is managed within the administration area of the site. Announcements and news can include or exclude offices streamlining the information that you want to divest to different user groups. for instance you might not want to tell the SIngapore office about London's Christmas party!

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