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Content Management Systems

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Our content management system is fully integrated into websites, DAMs, knowledge bases and intranets.

So all forms and templates are intricately tied to and have an immediate impact on the sections or pages they are associated with. As our sites are in effect one big database this means that we can use information elsewhere on the site, thus it is possible to have the same information displayed on multiple pages but input is from a single location.

We provide a very flexible structure to enable you to make changes across the site including at section and subsection levels as well as the content within those sections, including the ability to add detailed internal navigation easily and intuitively with no need for technical expertise.

Overview of functionality

The CMS is used to add pages, sections, subsections, and articles, add files, move edit and delete pages etc and will allow you to add information articles and other ‘rich’ media to the site, such as audio clips or videos. You will be able to add and attach documents and other files to the sections. We also provide areas on the site where you can load pictures for their specific use in slideshows and carousels, and specific templates and forms for other pages, databases and sections elsewhere on the site.

All in all it is a very powerful part of the system we deliver, if you want to see more of the detail of the CMS it is outlined the related sections.

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Admin Functions

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