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Social Media

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Social media encompasses a variety of different functionality, from blogging and newsletters through to Facebook integration, we will look at each item in more detail below.

Facebook, Twitter and social media sites

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There are various ways of integrating social media sites into the site, and this can include showing full listings or simply the 'like' button. We can integrate to all the big ones, and we offer this as standard depending on what you need.


We have blog modules we can add to the system that allow specifc users to add blogs under their login, that automatically appear in the designated place on the site.

The blog module is very flxible, and there are a variety of ways to effectively use them. We can make blogs semantic so they could be listed under specific subjects as well as be navigable by the subject or date, where individual could select them, or they could be anonymous depending on how you would want to present them. The possibilities to how you use them and how they are presented could vary according to your needs.



We can supply newsletter software for you to use, and host that with your website. We use phplist and integrate the sign up to registration form on the site, where it is tied in to the site security for sign up and for deactivation.

Comments and ratings


Within websites we can set up ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ options for where people are not logged in. If there is a registration structure, we can allow further comments on articles, pages and items, which is particularly useful in the Intranet environment. Comments can also be semantisied, so you can see an Individual’s comments, and navigate on to other pieces they have commented on, or they can be simply addendums to an original article.


We can embed surveys into the system from survey monkey, so that people do not have to navigate off site to fill in the survey. Survey Monkey has various packages including free ones.

There is also the option to do simple polls and surveys natively form the site if needs be.


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