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Semantic Databases

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All our sites, whether they are Intranets, websites or knowledge bases are actually databases that dynamically serve information. Yet within that structure it is possible to have multiple databases within the system, that can have plenty of very high powered tools associated with them that comes directly from having semantic linking enabled. Semantic technology enables us to automatically link data together without having to worry about the overall site structure.

Automatic linking and filters

Semantic technology revolutionises static navigation into something that allows users to dynamically move through your sites content: By turning the information itself into navigational pathways and filters, and automatically cross-referencing it.

This approach brings significant benefits: Firstly you have direct navigation to other areas of interest outside of the hierarchical navigation structure, and secondly users can find related information they might not have considered or otherwise found. Above all these links are maintained by the system so it reduces the administration overhead.This creates a more satisfying experience for site visitors and saving time and money on administration and site maintenance.



Galleries have the advantage of being able to display image thumbnails in a coherent manner, where you can click through to the full resolution image. They can also have all the semantic properties attached, allowing you to sort through images by whatever criteria you want to give them as well as being able to filter out or search by specific keywords. This makes finding and organising images quick and easy. You can also add further filtering and linking on the fly at any time.

Document libraries

Documents, whether on an intranet or website need to be found quickly and easily. With our semantic document library function you can add keywords to filter and organise, like author, subject and date as well as other keywords that apply that can link directly to other documents to display in an easy to read and relevant format or to use as filters to find other materials. The links are self maintained by the system and are expandable at any time


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