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Look and Feel

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Look and feel covers many features about the design, and design elements. We are experienced professionals who understand the importance of good design and content.

The look and feel of any site we develop is very much dictated by what the client wants. We incorporate branding and corporate styles, and as such we can use your colours and logos throughout the site or intranet. Our aim is to engage visitors to the site with a vibrant, exciting and informative style, reflecting and complementing the colours of the existing logo if there is one. Whilst we can work on complex design styles we usually work towards styles that are both simple but tasteful, so whilst being contemporary they are still accessible and easily understood. We aim to make our sites W3C and cross browser and device compliant, unless there is a specific reason to use a non-compliant technology.

Principles of design


We aim to produce something that is user-friendly, accessible, easy to use and to navigate around, something the audience enjoy using, we believe this can be achieved by:

  • Creating a style that has a strong and distinctive look
  • Using clean, easy-to-read typography and clear, simple layouts
  • Utilising an effective use of style and a limited colour palette to create a clean, uncluttered look
  • Selecting visual material that is suitable to the subject matter
  • Having high production values that draws people back in

Although these measures will collectively contribute to the online identity, clever use of the design templates will mean the site can be kept up to date while maintaining the original guidelines, meaning the site will keep its look and feel as the content changes and shifts over time. We alike to work with you in getting a very clear brief of what the site would look like prior to building the wire frames for the sections.

We can also provide white label sites and Intranets if required


Copywriting may or may not be part of what we provide you with, but we can provide copywriters if you want. You have probably heard the saying “content is king” and we believe it is, and we think this can be further refined. From our experience of writing for both corporate and the disabled clients, we know that plain English is the most accessible and meaningful way to write content, and within this a continuity of tone is important to the reader as they will quickly get used to how the content is presented which then further enables the navigation and dissemination of the information. We have found that the best way is to write up content so that it is accessible to everyone, written in a non-patronising way as though it was for people new to the subject.

Multi-language support


At the very base of our system lies the same engine that is used by Wikipedia, so there is extensive language support. If you need to support more than one language this can be done within the CMS. The site or intranet does not get translated either by the system or through online translation engines, but has the capability to store direct translations of any language, except Chinese and Japanese.

Multiple Skins

Our system has the capacity to have multiple skins associated with the site, You might want to serve a different skin to different browsers, or regions, it is even customise them for specific users.

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