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Knowledge bases

Whether you are suing our intranet or not our knowledge bases provide a secure and accessible workspace for your digital assets


Digital Asset Management, Library Asset Management and Media Asset Management are areas that can become cumbersome quickly when there is a lot of information available. Our solution is to use the semantic architecture to hold all relevant information, so that intuitive and relevant navigation is always possible, you are never more than three clicks away form any item. Our software will help you:

  • Find, manage, control, and distribute digital assets
  • Improve efficiencies with automated processes and workflow approval
  • Protect brand value with auditing and clear version control
  • Ensure consistent delivery across multiple digital channels, with various formats being saved and distributed.

Our DAM has the capability to automatically load the latest version, automatically notify people of changes and stream video and audio and have all the features you would expect to see, such as comments, embedded metadata support, bulk uploads, favourite flagging and ratings, as well as chat features and pdf book making facilities.

Personal FAQ's

This is a new feature and allows users to build information based on your users own experience, such as snippets of information they can input when they learn something new they want to remember to do to inspirational pictures they want to keep. It has the power to become a personal Wikipedia, and downloadable to a portable device that can then be used on the fly.

Virtual book creator

Virtual book creator is a way of creating and storing information that you can then save for later use. It is structured and edited using chapters and is stored in a collection. It can be rendered as a PDF, or exported as ODF, docbook XML or a ZIM file, or even ordered and printed as a book.

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