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Intranets: Project management

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The project management module is both stand-alone or it can be integrated into the OMS/Intranet. It has all the major features you would expect to see in a network based project management module with the added bonus that the entire project team including clients an access it and see exactly where a project lies. It has Gantt charts, resource allocation, time tracking, status reports, project teams, schedules, dependencies as well as costings and time estimates and of course tasks. Issue tracking can be directly linked to projects, where predefined or bespoke categories of information can be used – such as testing, in order to create further tasks or to give feedback.

Project planning

Gantt charts give a good visual image of the project on a timeline, complete with resources and dependencies. They are included as standard as part of the project management module. The resource allocation plugs into shared calendars and can allocate blocks of time to a project, as well as automatically creating tasks that directly go into peoples to do lists. This is not only a project management tool, but also a project communication tool, where all project members contribute to the project plan, and can give a very clear picture of the status of tasks in realtime.


Agile management

Agility Sprints.png

The agile toolset is a tool that also can either be stand alone, or fully integrated as a module into the OMS. It comes with tasks, teams, Epics, stories and sprints, time and resource allocation as well as full reporting and issue tracking. There is a lot in this system, and we strongly suggest looking at a demonstration if you are looking for an agile management tool.

Lessons learnt

Part of both the project management and agile modules, the lessons learnt module gives the project team a central resource to put findings on the project that allow other project team members a place to put findings that influence the project they are working on. This useful tool really comes to lie when items are linked to clients, and teams, and if appropirate to departments, so that all relevent parties can get a thorough understanding of important issues.