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Intranets: People and team management

People and team management allows supervisors the ability to monitor and add work to peoples to do lists, as well as manage team meetings, minutes and any actions that might come out of them. It is a fluid way of working with your team where you can get a very quick picture of progress.

Notification and alerts

The system has a thorough alert system that can be utilised by users. Every registered user, whether on a website or intranet, can watch pages or objects, and when anything changes then it can send out an email to them indicating that something has changed.

News and alerts.png

Meetings and minutes

Meetings and minutes.png

Meetings and minutes are listed on their own as well as via a department, team or office. They can be attached to clients, departments and offices and have the functionality to attach tasks where follow ups can be added to peoples calendars. Meetings can be automatically added to peoples calendars, whether they are individuals and teams. Action points arising form meetings can be automatically added to task lists with date bound deliveries added.

If decisions are made these can be added and notification sent to relevant people teams and departments.

To do lists and action points

This module gives an efficient way of keeping in touch with who is doing what, as well as providing a real time reference for people to see assigned tasks. This flexible function allows for designation of tasks to specific people, teams or departments, assignable by anyone who has appropriate permissions - outcomes from meetings, or tasks specifically associated with projects or just general tasks can all be allocated to individuals to do lists or to a team or department where they can be allocated within the team or by the manager. Time allocation can be added to tasks as well as their status and the real amount of time spent achieving the task.

To do and alerts.png

Time tracking

Timesheet form.png

If it is a requirement to measure time against tasks then this can be done. The time tracker module allows for allocation of the time spent on a task to be input, and for this information to be aggregated for overall number of hours. You can add billable and non-billable time for client profitability calculations as well as bespoke categories for greater understanding.

Skills finder and contacts

Maybe you need to find someone who has experience of working in a different business sector, or know about Kite surfing, or any other skill, If anyone has added these to their profile in their personal information, then this module will help you find them fast. Helping you to use the skills that may not be immediately apparent quickly and easily. As the skills are part of the individuals personal pages, you can get to the right person quickly and easily.

All the people in the system, whether internal or external can be included in the directory. It gives a simple view of all the people, filterable by client, office, department, prospect or any number of the attributes associated with people. It is a very clean and clear way of finding people fast, even if you are not sure who you are looking for.




As you might expect with a task driven environment, calendars are integral. Personal calendars can be synched with Google calendars and can be used to add meetings, project milestones, tasks, by either start or due by date. They also allow for holiday tracking, resource allocation and other periods out of the office.