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Intranets: CRM

The CRM module is a separate module that when loaded into the Intranet, when loaded it is fully integrated with all the other modules within the intranet suite.

Leads and prospects

Prospect form.png

This module allows you to keep abreast with new business and allows for adding of people, when they were contacted, the outcome of the meetings, flags for hot or cold. Follow up actions that can be dated and added to calendars (using task functionality), prospects can be attached to individuals or a team, so it is easy to see at a glance what is going on and how much the business is anticipated to be worth.

Ticketing system

Ticketing system.png

This is an efficient ticketing system, where a ticket can be raised for any client, department or team to or for another. Tickets are date driven and once raised can be allocated to individuals like any task with notification of level of completion. Reports are available to managers so they can see the status of all outstanding and completed tickets, along with the date they were complete.

Call centre

Telephone answering system.png

With experience of developing ticket systems and call centre systems we have developed a browser based call centre software that is simple to use and easy to operate. You can login securely form anywhere and add information to a central database, making for flexible working and decentralisation.

Our call centre software can be loaded into the intranet, or we can send reports and statistics to it or to website if required. As with anything here the calls can be logged against tickets so it is quick and easy to see what is done, by whom and when.