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We have various features that can be used in your site or intranet environment from comprehensive events listings, eCommerce, maps and widgets to advertising and rich media streaming. All this can be included as part of a package or is intrinsically part of the system.

Events listings

Events listings.png

Events can be viewed in various ways, such as listings or calendar views,and can have powerful filtering attached to it. Depending on what metadata there is available, and depending on the number of events. We have developed a site that is dedicated to events listings, that has over 1,000 a week going through the system.

The type of filtering can be date, town, type of event, age range. All the filters can be used in conjunction with each other to fine-tune the requirements.

Events themselves can be categorised into different types that can be used with ease to create series’ or one off events. These include, fixed date in a month, a given day in week/month, or bi-weekly, and one off events. Each event can be used in different ways and can be linked to a booking form. Please contact us for a demonstration.

Audio and Video streaming

Videos can be housed in the site, whether it is intranet or a website, where they can be uploaded and run from the server. Alternatively they can be loaded into YouTube or other external sites and can have links to them, including running them from YouTube within the website, or audio streaming form soundcloud

If video or audio were loaded onto the site for viewing it would be uploaded through the CMS and when loaded would look like a picture with a play icon on it. It would be as simple as loading an image.

Video straming.png



You can see slide shows throughout this site, and they can be added as part of the design phase and updated through the CMS. Advertising strips can work in the same way, if you want to maintain the advertising on site. If you would rather integrate through Google or another supplier such as open x we can integrate with them as well.

Within the intranets and knowledge bases the slide shows can be used to deliver all sorts of different information, such as FAQ’s or other context specific help as well as news or alerts you might want to reinforce.


For shops we use open commerce, which plugs seamlessly into the site and can be plugged into payment vehicles such as world pay and paypal.



We can incorporate any Google widget into intranets or into websites, this can make for a bit of fun, or provide more useful information, for a full list of Google widgets please see:

On top of that there are a variety of media and social widgets we can add including:

YouTube. Dailymotion Vimeo Bandcamp Flickr 500px SoundCloud "Jamendo" AddThis Twitter Flattr Disqus Facebook GooglePlus "Gravatar" Audio (HTML5 player), and Video (HTML5 player) Google doc Google viewer


We have full integration into Google maps, (but can code with another supplier if you require it), maps can be set to show either automatically when the page loads, or on request by the user using postcode or if available lat and long co-ordinates. Map features such as locator arrows can be customised to show information as you might need. These are clickable, to see further information and navigation.

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