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Content Management Systems: WYSIWYG Editor

The wysiwyg editor provides a lot of standard functionality, and like everything else these can be customised for what you need:

The main features include:

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Embedded file
  • Link
  • Reference

Advanced Features include:

  • Heading types
  • Formatting – Bullets, numbering and indentation
  • No formatting
  • New line
  • Text size options
  • Insert: Picture gallery, redirect, table.
  • Find and replace

Special Characters have most international options available.

New sections and pages


Within the site itself you can add new sections (which will dynamically appear in the Navigation Menu on the homepage) or subsections (Which will automatically appear in the subsection menus for a specific section). Once created these sections and subsections will automatically have the same CMS as set up in the templates. Add new section is usually in the administration area, add new subsection is located in the actual section, by selecting the button it then opens up the Add subsection form: