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Content Management Systems: Administration functions

There are various administration features that can be set up according to what you need, including reports and publishing (if you need someone to oversee articles before they go live), and access to all the different forms and templates that might not be specific to a page or section, like events or organisations.

These forms are bespoke to your requirements. In the case of knowledge bases and intranets the forms are more standard. It is worth remembering that the entire system is a large database, and therefore the forms are the user interface to adding material to the database.



Our sites are in fact one big database, so we can build reports on anything in the system. Typical reports could be new articles, recently published articles, user reports, popular pages, recently uploaded files etc. In this instance here they are based on the fact the site administrator has not checked the ‘published’ tick box, this is typical of a report for a full administrator where they are overseeing other peoples work and need to check it before they go live on the site.

Media upload

Media uploads.png

As well as having specific ‘in place’ uploads, where you can directly import a file to a specific page or page item, general file uploads to the site are available, either singular or multiple items, this is particularly useful for galleries and knowledge bases where you might want to add lots of pictures or files but not necessarily want to load them into specific pages:

Adding new parts to a site

Admin list.png

Adding new pages, section, articles and subsections as well as blogs, events etc are all handles within the administrators section of the site. We simply give you a button that will then launch a new form based on the templates for the site, so all you need to do it fiil the form in. This way the site is fully expandable and going forward you have control over the direction the site needs to go.