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Automated Functionality

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We have a variety of automated features that are designed to take the pain out of some of the administration tasks as well as providing additional site interest and variety for visitors and users.

Featured and popular articles

The material that is pulled into this function can be controlled at a very granular level, either through the administration areas, where an administrator can flag a particular piece of information as featured, or unflag as appropriate, or automated, so that items from particular sectors are automatically flagged (or not), or a combination of the two. Or they can be randomly served from specific site areas, or a combination.

Popular articles can be automatically populated by the number of times they have been viewed or liked. This example has a slideshow pulling from the events section, and another category of facts 'called did you know'. These features can work on any site information.



What's new.png

You might want a ‘News’ and/or a ‘What’s new’ section. We can provide sections that are automatically updated or that can contain specific information you would want to give to the site visitors, as well as an automatic resource within the site that populates anything that has been added to the site. We have found them to be particularly useful for frequent visitors and also allow people to see immediately that the site is being update regularly and what has changed recently.

Whatever the way you would want to pull the information through to the news section, we advise that for best effect that news items automatically have a limited shelf life, which is either automated or manually defined in length. But of course we also would provide an over-ride function that allows administrators to control individual items length of time prior to expiry. We can provide a rolling news feature, like a slide show with text and graphics, these can be randomly served or in sequence. We can also provide thumbnailed pictures with a synopsis if you would rather, these can also be randomly served or in sequence.

Slide shows

Slideshows have various features including fades and swipes, with text and without, and serve for a good way of passing varied content to site visitors while providing visual variety and interest and drawing your visitors attention to something you want to share with them.

We can provide slideshows of single pictures or multiples, depending on what space is available and what your needs are. They can be sited vertically and or horizontally and can link through to other content as well as be used to display words or pictures or both.


Related Content

Related material.png

This is an easy way for administrators to bring information to the attention of visitors. By setting up an area on the page in the CMS we can link information together at the click of a button, the links are maintained by the site, so they do not break, nor is there any arduous work in putting the link into the text. This can be changed and reversed as you see fit.

Dynamic menus

Dynamic mens allow the site administrators to change the navigation on the site in an easy and quick manner, they can also change the order of the menu items, and include and exclude items form the menus at any level, be it on the home page or a site section or subsection. This picture shows the entry box for the menu list order. Items can be set to not appear on navigation menus if required.

Dynamic menu.png

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